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Did you know that the skills young people gain while doing their DofE will help them get a job?


The LifeZone is an exclusive and free site for DofE Award holders and participants designed to help them describe the skills they develop through their DofE on their CVs and applications and learn how to talk about them at interviews.   Whether it’s the leadership, teamworking or initiative demonstrated as part of their expedition or the commitment, communication or positivity showcased through their volunteering and other activities, these are all skills that employers are looking for.


The LifeZone also gives young people access to some top companies that actively believe in the DofE and look for Award holders when they recruit.


If you are already a DofE participant, log in now through eDofE and let the LifeZone open doors for you.


And if you haven’t started your DofE programme yet, then the LifeZone is yet another reason why you should.


We’ve kept the site exclusively for our existing participants and  recent achievers who have an eDofE account, but here’s a taster of some of the great companies you’ll find inside. Hear from them about exactly what achieving your DofE could mean for your future career.


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Experience counts

"I hope that taking part in the DofE will help me to get a job, I think that being able to give examples of skills such as team working, communicating with others and problem solving in an interview is a huge advantage." Eve (18)

Confidence building

"I have grown in confidence and have really come out of my shell.  The DofE has inspired me so much that it’s actually got me to university and to where I am now."  Kimberley (19)

Work ethic

“The DofE has taught me to give my utmost in any task, no matter how big or small. I have learnt that I can achieve so much when I push myself and it has given me a better outlook on life." Simon (23)

Companies believe

"Amey has sponsored apprentices to achieve their DofE Awards for six years and in that time we’ve seen it have a real impact on the young people we work with. Our young people are encouraged to push themselves outside of their comfort zones when doing their DofE and the skills that they develop can be life-changing."

Andy Milner

Chief Executive Officer, Amey


"The DofE provides our apprentices with important life skills to make a positive impact within our business. These include communication, leadership and teamworking skills amongst many others.   The DofE is an ideal fit with our values." Simon Eastwood - National Assurance Manager, Quality and Design, British Gas


"The essence of the DofE is about giving people independence, confidence and skills they wouldn’t normally have acquired, and to make people ready for the world. Having something like this  speaks a lot about what you are like as an individual. It shows commitment over a period of time, the willingness to become independent and demonstrate a lot of the skills we are looking for as a business." John Roberts, CEO and Founder of










"We have a close partnership with the DofE and believe the types of skills you develop through doing your DofE, closely match the values (e.g. teamworking, integrity, problem-solving) we are looking for when we recruit our teams. We recognise that participation in the DofE develops a passion for outdoor activities and travel which help us to better understand our customers’ needs.

Anna Harris, HR & Training Manager, Cotswold Outdoor

Real life stories


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